General Requirements#

Designing and delivering a hackweek can be a significant undertaking! Here are some initial considerations when preparing your event:


Hackweeks require spaces for open interaction and collaboration. Other considerations include accessibility, providing resources for child care and having flexibile scheduling (especially for virtual work). We have supported a variety of venues in the past and can work with you to find the best option.

In Person#

We look for spaces that offer fast internet connections, opportunities for random interactions during informal sessions, and interactive exchanges during tutorials and projects.


We use a variety of platforms including Zoom,, Slack and JupyterHub to create accessible and interactive virtual spaces.

Hybrid of In-person and Virtual#

We are just beginning to explore the combination of virtual and in person spaces.

Organizing Team#

Every hackweek involves the assembly of a planning team to prepare content and design how the event will be conducted. We will initially work with you to build a small (3-5 person) core team who initiate the defining of hackweek goals, timing and duration. This team will then build out a larger group that designs tutorials and conducts the event. Visit our roles and responsibilities page to learn more details about the composition of a planning team.

Scheduling and Time Commitment#

Planning for a hackweek generally begins 6 months in advance of a virtual event and 12-18 months in advance for in-person events.