SnowEx Hackweek#

We’ve hosted two NASA SnowEx-events in 2021 and 2022. Read more at and reflections on the 2021 event below:


SnowEx Hackweek 2021 was offered virtually July 12 - 16 with over 100 participants. The purpose of the event was to foster an environment of collaboration and sharing of NASA SnowEx datasets across teams. Fifteen tutorials were offered on topics spanning open science tools, SnowEx data access and machine learning.


Here are the projects carried out during the 2021 SnowEx hackweek:

Project Name (with link to GitHub repo)

final presentation

Snow Temperature Changes


SnowEx data integration


Snow microstructure


Machine learning applied to camera data


UAVSAR for snow depth over Grand Mesa


Surface density explorations


Laser measurements of snow from space



Participants reported increases in their levels of understanding of tutorial content across the hackweek (Fig. 3):


Fig. 3 Changes in levels of understanding tutorial content before and after the SnowEx 2021 hackweek (45 responses).#

Of the 45 respondents to our post-hackweek survey, all reported that this hackweek was useful for their career and that they learned things that improved their day to day research (Fig. 4). 98 percent of respondents agreed that the skills learned would be useful outside of academia.


Fig. 4 Impacts of SnowEx hackweek 2021 on participant careers and research (45 responses).#