Collaboration Architect#

The Collaboration Architect is experienced in developing community-building strategies that amplify inclusion, co-mentoring, and collaboration. They identify the barriers that inhibit engagement and contribution, and they develop structured interactions that enhance the participant’s learning experience.





  • Reduce the degree of overwhelm and social anxiety that emerges when learning and practicing new skills with new people in a compressed timeframe.

  • Foster inclusive and generative teamwork.

  • Encourage and support early career participants to step out of their comfort zone to take on leading a project team.

Specific Activities#


  • Facilitate collaborative discussions about the portfolio of tutorials and their content.

  • Train/coach Project Coordinator and Helpers.


  • Facilitate participant interaction.

  • Facilitate participants moving through the project formation phases i.e., ideation, pitching, co-shaping/scoping, and selection.

Post Hackweek#

  • Gather feedback, insights, and ideas from the organizing team, participant focus group, and survey responses and identify areas for improvement.

People With Experience in this Role
Charley Haley