Roles and Responsibilities#

Hackweeks are supported through the collaborative work of an organizing team. This page lists the various roles typically required to host an event.


Many people engage in multiple roles when planning and running a hackweek. The descriptions here are meant to be starting points, and we encourage everyone to shape these roles according to their unique skills and interests!

eScience Staff Roles#

Our team is here to support the planning and delivery of hackweeks for each of our clients. Our role is to facilitate and create the conditions for learning and collaboration.

Community Partner Roles#

Our clients who partner with us to host a hackweek are responsible for creating learning content specific to the needs of their community.

project management

Logistics & Strategy


Training & Education


Community Building & Collaboration



Visit our Resources for Organizers page to learn more about the training and preparation we offer to community members for many of these roles.

Time Commitment#

There is considerable variability in the amount of time people spend on various hackweek roles. The level of effort depends on event size, whether it has been run before, and the number of other people available.

In general, time commitments are greatest for administration and planning roles, and decrease for those roles where effort is focused during the event:

time commitment