Roles and Responsibilities#

UW eScience staff work directly with members of your community to host an event. The schematic and color-coding legend below illustrates how roles are typically distributed.

grid-card-escience grid-card-client grid-card-both

UW eScience Roles

These roles are usually filled by members of the eScience team, including staff and affiliates of the UW eScience Institute. Not all hackweeks require every role we offer.

Combined Roles

These roles can be filled by people the community team and/or by our group.

Community Roles

These are roles typically filled by our clients and community partners interested in hosting an event.

graphic of hackweek roles

List of Roles#

Click on a category below to see short summaries for specific roles:


Lead Hackweek Coordinator (eScience)

The eScience Lead Coordinator oversees the activity of the planning teams and acts as the main point of contact between the various groups involved. (details)

Lead Hackweek Coordinator (community)

The Community Lead Coordinator oversees activities of the community event planning team. (details)

Program Manager

The Program Manager ensures that the logistics of the meetings and activities runs smoothly. They coordinating event planning, assist in setting up virtual technologies, act as main logistical point of contact for participants. (details)

Budget Manager

The Budget Manager works with the clients and the eScience team to define a scope of work. They link up with funding agencies who are supporting the event to ensure all the necessary paperwork is provided. (details)

Collaboration Architect

The Collaboration Architect lead the design and delivery of facilitation methods used to co-create positive learning environments. They provide guidance in creating a diverse and inclusive event and guide a post-event debriefing process. (details)


Lead Education Coordinator

The Lead Education Coordinator is responsible for managing the Educational Team. They lead planning meetings aimed at defining learning outcomes and they help the team to design and deliver content that is within the scope of the hackweek. (details)

Education Consultant

Education Consultants are well versed in pedagogy and the teaching of data science tools in an interactive setting. The Education Consultant helps to train others on the Education team in designing and delivering content. (details)

Tutorial Leads

Tutorial Leads work with their respective communities to assess learning needs. They then design content (tutorials, online modules) and deliver tutorials during the hackweek. (details)

Tutorial Helper

During tutorials there are often several Tutorial Helpers who respond to questions from participants, either in real time or asynchronously. (details)


Lead Project Coordinator

The Lead Project Coordinator guides the organizing team in choosing the mode of project work (from pre-defined hacking projects to fully open-ended teamwork). They help explain expectations to participants, guide the formation of project teams, help teams get clear on scoping their projects and are available during the event to support team collaboration and communication. (details)

Collaboration Consultant

The Collaboration Consultant trains the organizing team in methods for facilitating positive group interactions. They are available during an event to advise project leads and to resolve conflicts. (details)

Project Team Lead

Each project will have a Project Team Lead who guides the project work and helps to ensure everyone in the team is engaged. (details)

Project Helper

Each project may have one or several Project Helpers who can join in as needed to answer technical or domain-specific questions. (details)


Lead of Technology

The Lead of Technology works with the organizing team to map out technology needs. They then assemble the necessary people and resources to deploy tools such as Jupyter Hubs and GitHub organizations. (details)

Software Engineer

Software Engineers provide specific guidance to any projects working to craft software products that continue beyond the duration of the hackweek. (details)

Technical Specialist

Technical Specialists are available to troubleshoot technical challenges and teach organizers how to use various tools. They assist in setting up GitHub organizations, websites and other technology that supports event planning and delivery. (details)