Lead Hackweek Coordinator for Community#

The Lead Hackweek Coordinator for Community guides the activities of community members engaged in hackweek organization and execution. This is typically the person who contacted eScience requesting a hackweek.


  • Matching the technical and scientific needs of the community to the design of the hackweek.

  • Ensuring everyone involved is sufficiently resourced to carry out the work.

  • Strategizing on how best to implement practices of open-source science within this community.

  • Building supportive partnerships and communities of practice before, during, and after the hackweek.

Specific Activities#

  • Acquire funding to support hackweek activities.

  • Work with the community to define the overarching goals of the hackweek.

  • Build a diverse, inclusive, and equitable hackweek organizing team; recruit broadly for organizers and participants.

  • Help organize and attend event planning meetings.

  • Review tutorial content, evaluating meeting hackweek goals, learning objectives, and community relevance.

  • Attend the hackweek and be available to assist with project and tutorial work.

  • Facilitate and/or lead longer-term community efforts to build on collaborations fostered around the hackweek.

People With Experience in this Role
Jessica Scheick
HP Marshall