Lead Hackweek Coordinator for eScience#

The Lead Hackweek Coordinator has a background in team leadership and science collaboration. They provide oversight and direction to the eScience Team to ensure all components of the hackweek come together.





  • Ensuring the activities of organizers and participants align with our mission and values.

  • Harmonizing community expectations with available resources of the eScience and organizing team.

  • Fostering the growth of healthy community interactions and adoption of best practices for open source science.

Specific Activities#

  • Assist in proposal writing and budget negotiation.

  • Assemble an organizing team.

  • Facilitate planning meetings to get clear on purpose and scope.

  • Meet with organizers to balance workloads and review deadlines.

  • Communicate eScience hackweek mission and values to participants and organizers.

  • Facilitate the opening day of the hackweek to set the stage for a positive learning environment.

  • Evaluate survey and debrief results to design improvements for future events.

People With Experience in this Role
Anthony Arendt