Project Consultant#

The project consultant has a big-picture view of the possible scope of projects for the hackweek community, and helps participants get clear on project ideas and objectives.


  • Communicating the purpose and approach of small group collaborations.

  • Shaping community ideas into well-defined and realistic project designs.

  • Creating a welcoming space for participants to engage in project ideation and completion.

Specific Activities#

  • Post information on Slack to participants about the structure and purpose of hackweek projects.

  • Encourage participants to pitch project ideas before the hackweek.

  • Assemble and make sense of project ideas.

  • Guide the formation of project teams on the first day of the hackweek.

  • Facilitate small group collaborations during the hackweek.

  • Assist teams in setting goals and sharing results.

  • Provide guidance to teams who wish to remain connected after the hackweek.

People With Experience in this Role
Axel Schweiger
Elizabeth Holmes