Details of Hackweek Roles#

Here we provide additional details on the various roles responsibilities coming together to make a hackweek run smoothly!


The Administration Team is responsible for the overall planning and execution of the event. This includes budgeting,

Lead Hackweek Coordinator for eScience#

The Lead Hackweek Coordinator provides oversight and direction to the eScience Team to ensure all components of the hackweek come together. This person will typically:

  • facilitate initial planning meetings to get clear on purpose and scope

  • help all organizers and participants align their activities with hackweek goals and values

  • assist in proposal writing and budget negotiation

  • assist the Lead Hackweek Coordinator for Community in assembling tutorial developers, project managers and technical helpers

  • offer coaching to various members of the organizing teams

  • attend the event to provide opening context and set the stage for a positive learning environment

People With Experience in this Role
Anthony Arendt

Lead Hackweek Coordinator for Community#

The Lead Hackweek Coordinator for Community is usually the person who contacted eScience with an intention to host a hackweek. This person will typically:

  • work with their community to define the overarching goals of the hackweek

  • recruit people to join the tutorial, project and technology organizing teams

  • oversee activities of the community organizing team

  • attend the event and be available to assist with project and tutorial work

People With Experience in this Role
Jessica Scheick
HP Marshall

Program Manager#

The Program Manager coordinates event planning, logistics and budgets, assists in setting up virtual technologies, acts as main logistical point of contact for participants and attends the event and offer real-time administrative assistance (e.g. setting up zoom breakout rooms).

People With Experience in this Role
Jane Koh

Budget Manager#

The Budget Manager guides the budgeting discussions, helping the teams get clarity on the scope of work for a given budget amount. They will work closely with the funding agency supporting the event to coordinate funding allocations for team members.

People With Experience in this Role
Ann Nykamp

Collaboration Architect#

The Collaboration Architect helps to create the conditions for the organizing team and participants to function well together in teams. Tasks typically include:

  • designing agendas and meeting structures to support tutorial ideation and hackweek planning

  • creating and leading facilitation approaches to guide project formation, team building and collaboation, conflict resolution and generating random connections through social interactions

People With Experience in this Role
Charley Haley


Lead Education Coordinator#

The Lead Education Coordinator guides the tutorial development team in building curriculum for the hackweek. They will typically:

  • lead the education team in assessing community learning needs and then build a reasonable schedule balancing breadth and depth of content

  • recruit for tutorial leads and helpers across the community

  • ensure that everyone developing tutorials is clear on their roles and timelines for developing content

  • help each tutorial developer get clear on learning outcomes and tutorial design

  • act as a point of contact between tutorial leads and the administrative/leadership and technical teams

  • Anticipated Time Commitment three hours/week

  • Professional Development Opportunity teaching collab dev curriculum development

Education Consultant#

The Education Consultant offers advice and training to the education team about best practices for creating positive and productive learning spaces. Their activities might include:

  • hosting “train-the-trainer” workshops for tutorial leads and helpers prior to a hackweek

  • sharing evidence-based resources on how to build interactive tutorial content

People With Experience in this Role
Naomi Alterman

Tutorial Leads#

Each hackweek tutorial will be led by one or several Tutorial Leads. Their role is to:

  • defining learning outcomes that are tailored to the needs of their community

  • create Jupyter Notebooks that can be used during both synchronous and asynchronous training

  • work with the technology team to ensure that their notebooks run within the shared computing environment

  • create tutorial content that includes interactive content

  • practice their tutorial with a peer group and iterate to incorporate improvements

  • deliver the tutorial during the hackweek

People With Experience in this Role
David Shean
Joachim Meyer

Tutorial Helper#

Tutorial Helpers play an important role in sharing tutorial content with the community. Their activities include:

  • becoming familiar with the tutorial content and being prepared to answer questions

  • attend the hackweek and be available to answer questions in real time (on slack or in person) and/or during office hours after the event


Lead Project Coordinator#

The Lead Project Coordinator will help the organizing team get clear on the overall objectives of the project work, to assess what projects are possible and to align projects with programmatic objectives if applicable. They will be active on communication platforms such as Slack to encourage participants to pitch ideas before the hackweek, and to communicate the process, roles and responsibilities of working in collaborative teams. During the event they might facilitate project team formation and embed with teams to guide collaborations, resolve conflicts and define what is possible within the allotted time.

Project Team Lead#

The role of Project Team Lead is to guide the collaborative project work before, during and sometimes after the hackweek. Specific tasks could include:

  • pitching an idea for a project

  • gathering together a team and helping each person get clear on their individual goals during the project work

  • facilitating relationship-building and development of collaborative structures among the team

  • helping everyone design project work that is within the scope of the hackweek

Project Helper#

Each project might have one or several Project Helpers. Their role is often to:

  • offer technical guidance on a specific data science tool or topic in which they have expertise

  • help team members navigate collaboration technologies like JupyterHub and GitHub

  • offer a deeper-dive on content touched on during tutorials

Technology Team#

Lead of Technology#

The Lead of Technology is responsible for establishing and maintaining the technical tools needed during the hackweek. Specific tasks include:

  • setting up a shared computational environment such as JupyterHub, either on premises or via a contract with an independent provider

  • create a roadmap of the suite of technologies to be used during the planning and implementation of the hackweek

  • coordinate the activities of the technology team in assisting organizers and participants as they learn and use tools such as GitHub, JupyterBook and Python libraries

People With Experience in this Role
Scott Henderson

Software Engineer#

Software Engineers offer their skills in building and maintaining tools that are needed to plan and implement the hackweek. Their roles could be:

  • deploying JupyterHub computational tools using infrastructure-as-code platforms

  • deploying and managing cloud computing environments that support the hackweek

  • managing issues and pull requests associated with community code libraries

Technical Specialist#

Technical Specialists assist in a variety of technical tasks that might include:

  • deploy and maintain GitHub organizations and repositories

  • design and update websites containing hackweek tutorials and project repositories

  • set up and manage technical infrastructure in support of event planning and delivery

  • helping organizers and participants navigate specific technical challenges

  • Anticipated Time Commitment one hour/week

  • Professional Development Opportunity GH collab dev auto infrastructure web