Technology Consultant#

The Technology Consultant is experienced with the computational platforms that support hackweek collaboration and learning.


  • Empowering hackweek organizers to follow best practices in creating open source learning materials.

  • Ensuring shared hackweek tools are accessible to everyone.

  • Guiding workflow development to be reproducible and deployable on multiple infrastructures.

Specific Activities#

  • Set up a shared computational environment, either on premises or via a contract with an independent provider.

  • Deploy the hackweek website.

  • Teach hackweek organizers how to use GitHub and JupyterHub for planning and design of the hackweek.

  • Assist tutorial leads in uploading their notebooks and sample datasets.

  • Help participants gain access to shared resources.

  • Archive hackweek outcomes using digital object identifiers.

  • Conduct research on emerging technology solutions.

  • Provide consultation on computational needs that evolve after a hackweek.

People With Experience in this Role
Scott Henderson
Joachim Meyer
Don Setiawan