Hackweeks were designed within the Moore/Sloan Data Science Environment, and borrow ideas from The Carpentries. Early design of hackweeks occurred within previous events including astrohackweek led by Daniela Huppenkothen and Jake VanderPlas and neurohackademy led by Ariel Rokem. The model was further developed within a series of earth science related hackweeks including geohackweek, waterhackweek, oceanhackweek and Cryospheric Sciences with ICESat-2 hackweek.

Funding Sources#

Hackweeks have evolved due to generous funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan foundation, and a grant from the Washington Research Foundation.

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Earth Science Hackweek Funding#

Our earth science hackweeks were further supported by grants from NASA (80NSSC18M0157, 80NSSC20K0829), NSF (OAC-1829585), NOAA, CUAHSI, ESIP, Google Earth Engine and Amazon Web Services.