Hackweeks are highly technical in nature. We utilize multiple websites and software tools to facilitate full participation by all organizing team members and participants. We strive to utilize technologies that are open-source and facilitated open science - that is enabling reproducibility and wide participation.

The technological landscape evolves rapidly! We created this glossary page to help you keep track of tools that we regularly refer to.

In this section, you will learn how to make changes to Hackweek websites via pull requests on GitHub. You will also learn how we use automated GitHub Actions workflows to generate consistent and quality controlled Jupyter Notebooks that are converted to a public website. Finally we will discuss best practices for data management when designing tutorials working collaboratively on projects during and after a hackweek.

Learning Objectives#

After completing this module, hackweek organizers and participants will:

  • Be familiar with the suite of technology used during a UW Hackweek (GitHub, Jupyter Hub, Jupyter Book)

  • Understand recommended tools for tutorial creation and project work

  • Know where to go for technology support before and during the hackweek

Specific walk-throughs are provided for:

  • How to effectively share data and code during and after a hackweek

  • Adding yourself to the event website as a member of the organizing team